Seven ways to use content for adaptation in an evolving world

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. Place marketing like all other marketing endeavors finds itself at an evolutionary moment where Charles Darwin still rings true. Many ages ago when dinosaurs thrived on this very earth we inhabit, a collision with a comet caused an Armageddon and with it the end of life for dinosaurs who refused to adapt to changes of their time. Today our survival here is thanks to some few birds that survived and began foraging through the remains in search of seeds which they broke, ate and dispersed their seeds to bring forth shoots and a new life.

Digital is every marketers Armageddon moment. If you are in doubt, you may need to check out the power of google, Alexa, Netflix, Facebook, Spotify etc and how technology has impacted marketing. Today, search engines receive round about23.6 billion searches per day- just google it, our customers attention door is closing to everything that we put out there and there has never been at time when customers had so much choice. The combination of these things has made the delivery of value in everything mainstream including marketing communications. Buyers will only respond to content that gives them value. Alexa and google are the default channels with advertising diminishing by the day and valuable content on the rise. Content is today’s differentiator. So we have to either adapt or die.

But here is the good thing about content marketing; you are the custodian of all the answers to the destinations you manage and promote- it is business wisdom that no one else has. It is this wisdom gathered over several years or just by being in the destination that shall transform your destination. Ask yourself how you can use this wisdom to empower and help people. Therein lies the future of your destination or business. That’s the value today’s traveler is looking for. And here are the seven ways to use content for adaptation in an evolving world:

  1. Share stories- you will have heard about algorithms, great, but the only algorithm that matters are stories that touch the heart, soul and mind of your audiences and customers. It is valuable stories that power search and that will make you relevant and on top of Google’s search list, find yourself in page two of google and you are irrelevant.
  2. Create a diverse organic marketing team. Unlike marketing teams of old that were lean missions, today a large diverse team is necessary with different skills to navigate storytelling, SEO, photography, video editing, sound recordist, writers, social media managers, digital media buyers and planners.
  3. Create many micro digital events. Unlike the traditional marketing where we ran 4 campaigns a year, we are now in a position to run several micro marketing digital events on varied platforms and track all of them.
  4. Content marketing is a team sport so collaboration and effective communication to all team members is a necessary.
  5. Be agile- be clear on what stuff needs to be done then get your team to do it faster
  6. Collect all the data generated by your content, conduct a visitor analysis, focus on your market share in the content space vis-à-vis your competition and track the percentage of time you are being found by customers
  7. Invest in an enterprise platform and use technology for keyword search, analytics, productivity and rank tracking.


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