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We manage and brand places of varied sizes in varied locations in Africa from business centres to counties, cities, nations and regional hubs

How can you differentiate the brand of a place and create a lasting impression for tourists and investors? We look at the things that make the place stand out – its culture, history, assets – and turn these into a unique point of attraction no matter the size, location or nature of the place. We formulate the goals, design the essence of the brand, implement the new brand and monitor it over time.

We cannot over-emphasize the place of research as a tool for improving brand image and identity. We apply both qualitative and quantitative research methods to obtain pertinent information that contributes to the strength of the brand of a place. This way, we are able to develop the best strategies for branding and marketing.

Events are a time-tested strategy for effective place branding. They provide an opportunity to share experiences in place branding, attract more tourists through curated experiential events and business people seeking new knowledge, and also to increase brand awareness of the place.

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