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Good day, and welcome to Notes on Place Branding. It’s Thursday, July 15. I am Castro Ambiyo, CEO and Founder of Place Brand Africa. Here is what you should know today: The Global Forum for Urban Innovation will be held on October 26-28, 2021 in New York #WRLDCYT. New York, NY is the best city in America. Yesterday was Bastille Day. South Africa is still reeling from the effects of looting and the general breakdown of law and order #ProtectSouthAfrica. City Nation Place Awards 2021 entries are now open. Iceland has trialed a four-day week and it’s ‘an overwhelming success. Keamogeste Kenosi is the first female boxer to represent Botswana at the Olympics. This week, Death Valley in Eastern California recorded 128.6F (54C)finding itself in the top three hottest temperatures ever recorded on the planet. And lastly, our Case Study for the day is Food-based place branding as holistic place ecosystems: the case of Basque Gastronomic Ecosystem.

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