What We Are All About.

We are an Africa based place branding consultancy firm working with Nations, Cities, Regions, and Towns to manage their image and reputation for export, tourism and investment growth. Our expertise in place branding is both local and international, spanning more than 10 years.
We manage and brand places of varied sizes in varied locations in Africa from business centres to counties, cities, nations and regional hubs, we help you develop an attractive image and identity that draws in new talent and investments. For us, place branding is not just a desired goal; it is a reality that cities, countries and regions have to contend with in order to attract more tourists, investors and targeted audiences of their offerings.

Why Choose Place Brand Africa

  • 1
    Years of experience in branding Africa

    We understand the nuances of working in Africa and use every inch of gain in our learning curve to improve our place branding ability.

  • 2
    Expert advice from a pool of global consultants

    We can pull together professional place brand resources from our partners across the globe to make better our African experience. Our team of consultants have proven track record and are able to deliver strategic solutions.

  • 3
    Project execution

    We draw from our own proprietary models, licensed models and our partners models and customize them for Africa to help you deliver a place branding framework that is a living breathing framework and also helps our clients learn, unlearn and relearn

  • 4
    Client support

    We have the benefit of experience to know that place branding is a journey and that every step in the journey is a partnership that delivers something of value. We walk and guide our clients all through the journey

What you will gain from us

    • Attract more tourists
    • Attract great talent
    • Attract more investment
    • Develop pathways to attract more investment
    • Improve the general reputation of the place

How we work

We have on board a team of consultants with wide-ranging experience in place branding for countries, cities and regions. From the outset, we seek to understand your specific needs you’re your unique scenarios. We work out detailed place branding strategies that will yield expected outcomes, and ensure that the client is involved in every part of the process.

Our focus is to ensure excellent results from every project and that we build on every success achieved in order to attain more.  (Create a model)

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