Seven scores to test the readability of your content.

Why do you write? Why do you have a website? We write so that people can read.  We hope that the content we write will drive people to our website and keep them coming for more of the same. We then pray that they share this content with others and grow our following. Win their hearts, minds, and dollars. So why would you write something they struggle to understand?

There is the catchphrase ‘explain it to me like a four-year-old. It seems that for content to be understood, going by Flesch-Kincaid readability scoring, it will have to be very easily readable and understood by an eleven-year-old. Aim to explain it to me like an eleven-year-old.

ScoreUS Grade LevelDescription
90 – 1005th gradeVery easy to read. Easily understood by an average 11-year-old student.
80 – 896th gradeEasy to read. Conversational English for consumers.
70 – 797th gradeFairly easy to read
60 – 698th & 9th gradePlain English. Easily understood by 13- to 15-year-old students.
50 – 5910th to 12th gradeFairly difficult to read
30 – 49CollegeDifficult to read
0 – 29College graduateVery difficult to read. Best understood by university graduates.
Flesch–Kincaid Readability Scoring

We did a quick check on how the top 4 East African safari nations- Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda were performing on their Safari pages. The results show that there is much work needed to make these pages readable. A safari moment today will probably be championed by an eleven-year-old member of the family or a working-class dad or mum with no college education. Let us remember that all travel moments are today online and over 80% on the mobile phone.

The results show that on the Safari pages; Tanzania leads with a score of 55%, followed by Uganda at 47, Rwanda at 37 and lastly Kenya at 33. All these four Safari pages are outside the recommended readability score of 60-70 and are therefore considered challenging to read. We can do better.

Here is our unsolicited advice during this lull in tourism; the future of destinations is in content/inbound marketing. Please let’s make our content readable.


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